Spine Installation

spine: a backend data gatherer for cacti
Compile Requirements:

– net-snmp-devel
– mysql
– mysql-devel
– openssl-devel

Below are some random notes about installing:

– to minimize the impact of MIB files for net-snmp, utilize the
–disable-mib-loading configure option in net-snmp (vers 5.1 and above).

– Spine requires -lmysqlclient_r to compile. Some early distributions
of MySQL did not include those libraries.  If that is the case, you
will be required to compile and build against MySQL with thread
safety enabled.  We suggest you simply use a modern distro of Linux.

– Be sure you have a good development environment including autoconf,
automake and libtool to compile.

– There are a number of configure options.  To view them, run ./configure –help
there are a few specific to Spine.  They are as follows:


Some implementations of popen() are not
threadsafe.  Use this option to use the Nifty
popen() implementation that is threadsafe.

If your OS has a native threadsafe version of
gethostbyname, enable use this option.

Enable support for the Solaris process privilege
model (default: disabled)

MySQL can handle very large insert buffers.
Changing this size can alter spine performance.
Make this value at least four times as large
as the results-buffer.

Some scripts can have very large results that
need to be returned to cacti’s poller_output
table.  You can control the size of this buffer
using this option.

Each spine process have launch several scripts.
If your scripts have large amounts of “wait” time
increasing this value may improve performance.  Keep
in mind that this will increase server load.

– A file “bootstrap” has been included to simplify the build process for Linux systems
with make and gcc.  It will install spine in /usr/bin.  If this is acceptable, try
to run the bootstrap process first.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

– If ./configure fails with the error ‘libtool.m4 and ltmain.sh have
a version mismatch!’, run the following:

libtoolize –force

– Make sure to rename /etc/spine.conf.dist to spine.conf and make changes to match
your database

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